September 14, 2007

Who is The Geminiac

Many artists rely heavily on their own musical roots to develop and polish
their "voice." These might be considered traditional. On the other hand
there are many rebels whose primary purpose seems to be creating chaos in
the musical universe. They want to keep the listener off balance. But
there are some artists with the capability to synthesize the two extremes
and create music that remains melodically pleasing, familiar yet totally
fresh and provocative. Deron Reynolds, producer-singer-songwriter, is one
of these few.

Deron Reynolds

While working in the music industry in Japan Deron has focused on expanding
his musical roots while acquiring the techniques and tools to take track
making to the higher level of "sound designer." His keyboard artistry
reveals the emotional charge of Debussey and bluesy influence of James
Booker or Doctor John with some definite jazzy overtones ala Keith Jarret.
But Deron credits the fresh quality of his art to the experience of playing
in world music improvisational bands. "That old cliché has new meaning -
anything's possible!"

Deron began producing while with Giza Music in Osaka. Giza is the parent
label to many well-known Japanese artists, such as Zard, B'z, Kuraki Mai and
Aiuchi Rina. In three years with Giza, Deron wrote nearly 300 songs and
was the musical director for three albums, including two for Aika Ohno, a
top-selling songwriter in Japan. Between his lyric, translation,
arrangement and songwriting credits, his name can be found on albums by
Kuraki Mai, Aiuchi Rina and Shizugusa Yumi as well.

During this same time period Deron began collaborating with Tony Grund to
create arrangements for Giza artists. This relationship ultimately resulted
in the Buddaphonic ( team that
developed original tracks defying genre logic: is it hip-hop blues, or
techno jazz, or maybe funky electronica?

They were also working together in two bands, Unknown Frequency
( and echostream
( Unknown Frequency provided Deron an
opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream. The kid who grew up watching the
Seattle grunge scene, where nobody wanted keyboards in a band, got to prove
his instrument could really "rock."

Building on this experience in the studio and on stage, Deron has created
his own production company and label, Blue Orb Productions. He has
completed his first solo project, "The Geminiac" ( The
music is full of emotional swings, from dark and heavy to light and
fulfilling. Deron wonders if his tendency to get bored with any one type of
music has produced an almost "two-faced" feel to his songs. But the driving
rhythms are testament to his ever evolving production style. Armed with
synthesizers, keyboards, Pro-Tools, his musical roots and the experience and
know-how of a professional keyboardist, Deron knows there is no limit to his

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