December 29, 2009



Free MP3 download for all ages:
Hope 2010 ( 6,568KB )

And one with some "nought"y words for us adults:
How to Hate Metronomes [ featuring Doctor D and Spleen ] ( 7,125KB )

* To download right click and choose 'save target as' and save to your computer

Dear family and friends of Blue Orb Productions,

The Noughties were not all for nought, but a new decade is upon us that needs to bring true hope. As always, we aspire to help inspire that hope in all of you. If this last decade has taught us anything, it's that we cannot just wait for others to bring us hope. It is always easier to complain about what other people aren't doing, but be strong and be active, for the TEENS are upon us. And for one glorious decade, we all get to be teenagers again.

Happy Holidays,
Happy New Year,
Happy New Decade
and Love,

Deron Reynolds and Yoko Nakajima of BLUE ORB PRODUCTIONS


For those who haven't heard, Yoko and I are now engaged.
Feel like a teenager again already!

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