January 11, 2009

Monday, January 12th : Live @ Cafe Absinthe

Monday, January 12th
Party starts at 6:00 pm
Performances will start around 8:00 pm

Hey ya'll, I'll be playing at Mr. Paul Rowland's art exhibit tomorrow
evening. Its the opening party of his exhibition and will feature some
other great performers, including Dan Kane and Sharn from Zetton. The
exhibition is at the wonderful Cafe Absinthe. Come enjoy some nice music,
its likely Dan and I will be playing together again.

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Cafe Absinthe
ADDRESS : 1F Moriwaki BLD. 1-16-18 Kitahorie Nishiku Osaka
TEL : 06-6534-6635
URL : http://www.cafeabsinthe.jp/main_english.html