January 1, 2009


Blue Orb Productions wishes you a Happy New Year.
We give the humble gift of a new song by The Geminiac:
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Friends, Family and Fans,

A lot has happened in this last year. For many, there was much pain and misfortune that affected us, and I personally went through some personal trials and hardships this year that have transformed my life, but there are signs for hope in this new year.

A song that I hope will remind us all of the will and personal responsibility we will all share to make this a truly new year. Things should never come undone again.

Love and Peace to you all in this year of the Bull. Let us rage on into the brave new future.



I wrote this song during my stay with the wonderful band echostream, and it was originally recorded as a demo for echostream but never got released. I've sat on in it for years now always trying to find somebody to sing it. In the end, I finally broke down and let my own voice tell the story.

Let the lyrics hit you as they may. All I will say is, things in life do come undone. So much around us has come undone, and everyone is ready to start pointing fingers and blaming. But who was it that allowed things to get so far? Think hard, and think deep.... the truth is, you are in control of your own destiny, and you alone control the fibers that keep the universal love and happiness that we need to keep it all together. Let us never let things come undone again.

So long gone
Can't ever look back again
Back on the run, God what have I done?
Still seeking hope to medicate my pain

I think of things that I've done
Sins of the past still proving me wrong
How'd it all come so undone?
Can't someone, reach out to me?
But they all, stare right through me

So hard to resist,
So hard to lay down your fears
A dirty lie, polluting dirty minds
We strive so hard to make the truth our own

Can't help the things that I've done
Hoping the past will prove me wrong
How'd it all come so undone?
Smoking guns, hide away
Give a smile, for today is .....

Try hard to rest
Too scared to close my eyes
Story inside, always makes me cry
I hope for strength to show you all someday

I think of things that I've I've done
Sins of the past still proving me wrong
How'd it all come so undone?
Can't anyone, look inside me?
Can't you see, something's dying?