October 10, 2007

The Demo EP

  1. Feel the Day
  2. Rebel's Ballad
  3. Fall to Pieces
  4. So Lonely
  5. The Impaler (instrumental LIVE)
  6. A little more of everything (LIVE)
  7. Warp 1(LIVE)
  8. Manzanita (NEW)
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This is a CDR with a choice selection of songs from my first DEMO CDs handed out at live shows of The Geminiac. Of course, those who were not in Japan at the time never got a chance to get this CD, therefore I've decided to release a limited run of about 100 copies on the internet before the album is released. There are four DEMO versions of songs from the album (it will have 12 songs total, but I stress these are demo versions, not the final versions).